TorrentFreak TV S02E03x04

Pirate Bay’s new potential buyers, their fines and their tracker, we also talk about why CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment does not like filesharing, BitTorrent streamed concert, Google’s Onebox, Hulu’s subscriptions, we review TED, we take a loot at DHT and PEX, what’s going on with Demonoid, Zombieland, Ink, Mininova’s 10 billion record, Vevo, Torrent and Magnetiser.

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53 Responses to TorrentFreak TV S02E03x04

  1. ter um mapa “atualizado” dos quartos de todas as zonas (as mais importantes pelo menos) seria muito bom.contar umas histórias de puteiro com assuntos irreverentes, seria bem da hora.

  2. i ask that question all the time, where the curvy chics and guys, showing a skinny girl does nothing but discourage me. I will just keep running and eating right way better then a belt, but it looks like it would do some good. thank you for the vlog

  3. The Globalist Agenda would have been much further along had it not been for the internet and PCs. They never counted on computers being small, or inexpensive enough, that most people would own one. As a truth seeker all my life, I can tell you, research is easier on the internet than at the library. My personal truth, "Believe nothing. Do your own research."

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