TorrentFreak TV S01E09

The Pirate Bay verdict and we show a clip from the upcoming movie about The Pirate Bay called TPB AFK. We also talk about the new music video site called Vevo, BBC’s new project, couple videotaping Hanna Montana, new way to record sound for CAM releases, a guy getting arrested in Spain, a girl getting movie tickets to Adventurland for Twittering, The Colbert Report, we review Tribler and we introduce a new segment called Your Words!

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18 Responses to TorrentFreak TV S01E09

  1. Blackdye says:

    Excellent Episode! Its getting better and better! Thanks for the News! Anyone know when the movie(TPB-AFK) comes out?

    Long Live TPB!

  2. hipson says:

    Awsome! I love hearing about all this kind of stuff

  3. t94xr says:

    Great body language, great tits and great outfit!

    You actually made it look like you were being informative, much much much better than previously!

    Great show.

    It sickens me the verdict the TPB crew received!!
    I had my money on them being found innocent free and clear!

  4. drg says:

    Why in the world do you have this URL if you don’t link to it or use it?

  5. hen uster says:

    awwww dam gov people

    go TPB

  6. Jhon Scarso says:

    hi there stacia… i got a question…. what happened with MININOVA.ORG???… i mean, i just can reach a login page… but i can’t see anything…. they’ve suffer the same destiny of TPB???… thnx

  7. pmurphs says:

    Great fill on the Pirate Bay Trial.

    Thanks. Keep it up. xD

  8. Jack A says:

    The Piratebay sentence was completely unnenssasary! I will not go on ranting bout it cos any regulr pirate bya useeres will of seen the video they made about it.

  9. lolwut says:

    good show. the only thing i hated was the RED BELT. awkward belt.

  10. jess says:

    nice girl in nice show(Y)

  11. Cosmo says:

    Your host needs to stop sounding like she’s reading from a script. She doesn’t sound like she’s naturally speaking to me.

  12. consigiliano says:
  13. watcher says:

    please fix the rss feed! thank you

  14. TF says:


    Thanks for letting us know! Fixed it!

  15. JJ says:

    Love it…Keep up your good work….we love hearing news like this….

  16. TT says:

    Really interesting show Shame about the accent of the presenter just sounds too familar. Is this how all west coastgirls sound?

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    ray ban lesebrillen

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