TorrentFreak TV S01E06

This episode is a little different. The design of the show changed, the host has changed and the stories are a bit shorter! Give it a try!

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25 Responses to TorrentFreak TV S01E06

  1. Pete says:

    WOW! Really well done on this episode, I hope we see more regular ones. Stacia is nice and I’m sure she’ll get more used to reading the lines fluently from now on :)

  2. trinsic says:

    two words – Total Disaster.

    I know you guys are doing the best you can, but there are some serious issues with this episode.

    1. Get your hads out of your pockets.
    2. Stand up straight, dont slouch.
    3. Dont turn from side to side, if you are going to move use the space to your advantage, move like you have a purpose.
    4. Read the script untill you can speak it natrually.
    5. dont move your hands around unless you have a purpose.

    That will just about cover it to get it at least up to a reasonable standard.

  3. trinsic says:

    Also dont use so much geek speak, talk more about the facts, not your opinions.

  4. lold says:

    pretty lousy critics above, lol

    it’s fine as it is

  5. charlie says:

    Wow she is dumb as a stump. Before I watch another video I will most likely jump off of a bridge …………………………………………get someone who can at least read fuck

  6. The Swede says:

    Okey, first of, it wasn’t that bad. Second, was that a small loop/sample from “Ingenting” by the swedish band kent I heard in the background? If so, nice going! But most of all I’d like to congratulate you on getting the show up and running again.

  7. Netherlands says:

    Good movie! The critics just suc and have no live, I like to see the critics make better one. Until then, shut up! I think you all have done a great job making this movie! Keep on the good work! :)

  8. Miouge says:

    I’ve been excpeting a new episode of for months.

    I’m so happy to see you on screen again.

    See you soon

  9. firestar says:

    The content is great, I’m glad the show is back. Keep up the awesome work!

  10. Some Dude says:

    To be honest, with experimentation, 32 kb/sec upload limit is really the lowest you can go with it affecting your speeds at all. Sorry to be a leecher and all but hey….

  11. h4ck3rn00b says:

    I’m really sorry but this was very …. not good. see trinsics post why.
    Also, this girl has talent, so take notes:

    You’re not fluent in speaking, your accent is strangely off, and the jokes … don’t make jokes if they aren’t funny. Edit MORE. Edit LOTS. Editing is your friend. Basically spend lots of time editing your vid so that it looks better. Get a professional editor, maybe.

  12. Facchinibr says:

    No problems with hands on pockets. Is totally normal in Tv programs here in [trash]Brazil[/trash].
    Cool episode, keep it up (=

  13. tits says:

    Man, this chick is a dick! Not funny at all. Fuck!

  14. Shinzok says:

    Lol , I loved how she explained how to download .torrents so that even the n00bz understand :)

    Cool show by the way, only just discoverd it.

  15. Araamtheus says:

    This episode is ok enough :) I like the later episodes more. Stacia has improved alot as a newsreader.

    Also, as long as the criticism is kept as constructive, I detest to people talking bs about people giving criticism. Without it there wouldn’t be any development now would there..

    Thanks for making this awesome show, just discovered it today and I really like it :)

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  21. Mimoun says:

    Thanks for spending time on the computer (wirting) so others don’t have to.

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