TorrentFreakTV S02E07

New effort by the United States government to stop piracy, Piratebyran disbanding, Transmission 2.0 and LimeWire going legal.

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15 Responses to TorrentFreakTV S02E07

  1. joe says:

    this episode just seemed like a promotion for binverse and nothign else…

  2. harazan says:

    This is just another group on the internet trying to make money by seeming like it’s on your side. Otherwise this place would not exist if there weren’t any money to be made. Which isn’t like piracy, which is meant to be a free means of content. Ad driven garbage to report erroneous news and filler content. Yay, i’m glad to of found this place and remember not to pay attention to half of this boring drivel as I can find news elsewhere.

  3. TF says:

    harazan, please google the name sloncek aka Andrej Preston to see who produces this… We are way more on your side that you might think.

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