TorrentFreak TV S02E01

The Pirate Bay, RapidShare, Tucker Max, UK ISP Talk Talk & we look at BitLet.

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TorrentFreak TV S01E11

Pirate Bay being ordered to pay its first payment of the fine and its new anthem called We’re All The Pirate Bay, Jammie Thomas going back to court without a lawyer, Burger King’s weird ad, Apple not allowing Torrent applications for iPhones, BayTSP 2008 filesharing report and BREIN being sued by FTD (Usenet).

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TorrentFreak TV S01E10

Pirate Bay supporters express their anger towards the Pirate Bay verdict. We also talk about why Pirate Bay is calling for a mistrial, about a study that suggests that file sharing users buy more music, about uTorrent coming bundled with toolbar and Google blocking uTorrent’s searches, about Peer 2 peer art, about Canada being blacklisted by United States and we take a quick look at Wyzo 3!

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TorrentFreak TV S01E09

The Pirate Bay verdict and we show a clip from the upcoming movie about The Pirate Bay called TPB AFK. We also talk about the new music video site called Vevo, BBC’s new project, couple videotaping Hanna Montana, new way to record sound for CAM releases, a guy getting arrested in Spain, a girl getting movie tickets to Adventurland for Twittering, The Colbert Report, we review Tribler and we introduce a new segment called Your Words!

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TorrentFreak TV S01E08

EMI Australi’s music blog, BarTor, French 3 strikes your out law,, MiniNova’s new partnership, Hulu not getting enough advertisers, X Men being leaked and we read a poem.

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TorrentFreak TV S01E07

TorrentFreak TV Episode 7. In this episode we talk about Mininova and its revenue, iTunes HD cost, IsoHunt’s trial, Blank the movie and Stacy gives a torrent advice.

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TorrentFreak TV S01E06

This episode is a little different. The design of the show changed, the host has changed and the stories are a bit shorter! Give it a try!

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TorrentFreak TV S01E05

BitTorrenc Inc’s search engine, Resident Evil CG Animation, Pirates of the Amazon Plug-in, How to download through uTorrent with an iPhone, we take a look at what where the top 2008 games & movies and we give away another TorrentFreak T-Shirt.

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TorrentFreak TV S01E04

New style of in-video ads, another ISP being sued, fanedit’s not liked by studios, we go out in San Francisco to ask people how they feel about internet piracy and we give away a free t-shirt.

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TorrentFreak TV S01E03

Obama’s victory speech getting torrented, Quantum of Solace getting pirated, Finnish kids admitting to downloading, The Pirate Bay tracking 25 million peers and ofcourse tv shows statistics. Enjoy!

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