TorrentFreak TV S01E01

The first episode of TorrentFreak TV.

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9 Responses to TorrentFreak TV S01E01

  1. Trackbrawl says:

    What’s with the weird plague of black dots attacking the skin of our dear announcer?

  2. Sevusk says:

    My guess is that her tattoo is approximately the same color as the screen behind her, so it is treating those parts of her arm as though she were the background.

  3. guily6669 says:

    Yeah! lets smoke some weed girl! 😛

  4. Jon says:


    Also, Spore was a good game! I feel like you should have given more arguments against it if you felt it was so terrible. Don’t just explain that you didn’t like it, explain why.

  5. secretseeker says:

    Just 3 words. I’d hit that

  6. Liz Finder says:

    keep the good job!

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